Pray for the protection and nurture of every human life

1.  For children in the womb, that their parents would choose life and that abortion would become unthinkable.

2.  For women and men who have been impacted by abortion, that they would find healing in Christ.

3.  For the elderly and vulnerable, that they would not fall victim to assisted suicide or euthanasia, and that

     legislative attempts to legalize both would be stopped.

4.  For children in need of adoption and parents desiring a child, that loving families would be made and

     that the birth mother would find peace in choosing life.

5.  For the Church, that we would boldly celebrate, honor, and protect Life and proclaim Christ's victory over

     sin and the grave.


Pray for our church & community


On the second Saturday of each month, 8:45-9:45 am, people gather to pray for TFCA and our connections in the community.  This includes concerns related to the sanctity of human life.  Meet in the Learning Center.  Everyone invited!

Pray for the end of the abortion business in Falls Church​


If you would like to join a group praying specifically about this, please email Becky Cooke at to receive more information.  You can pray at home or with others outside the abortion facility 1 mile from our church. 

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