Summit 2019: Mobilizing the Church for Life - January 17-18, 2019

Watch some of the talks at the most recent Summit:

The Culture of Life in America by Ryan T. Anderson

Finding Sacred Joy in Suffering by Rev. Cathie Young

Sharing Abundant Life for Youth Ministry by Sammie Franks & Steven Tighe

Healing After Abortion by Sheila Harper

Sex, Culture, and the Christian Worldview

A short course from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, Aug. 2018

Week 1: Thinking Through Sex Theologically with Jonathan Grant: 


Supplemental Material:

Week 2: Where Sex Went Wrong: The Sexual Revolution And Its Victims with Jennifer Roback Morse: 


Supplemental Material:

Week 3: Loving Truth and Loving People with Glenn Stanton: 


Supplemental Material:

Week 4: What Hath the Hookup Culture Wrought? with Mark Regnerus


Supplemental Material:

Christian Ethics in the Brave New World 
A short course from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, June 2018

1.  Beginning of Life Issues with Scott Klusendorf:   

Supplemental material: ​


2. End of Life Issues with Ben Mitchell: 

Supplemental material: 

3. Ever Evolving Technology and Human Dignity with Ben Mitchell:

Supplemental material:

4. Disability and the Vulnerable with Emily Colson: 
Supplemental material: 

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