Summit 2021: Mobilizing the Church for Life - January 16 & 23

National Anglicans for Life is hosting all the videos from Summit 2021 and all previous years on their YouTube Channel found here.  They have organized each Summit by year as a playlist.

Champion Life

A webinar from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview with Scott Klusendorf, Sept. 2020

Week 1: How to make the Case for Life in about a Minute (Video)

              Presentation Notes

              "This is Abortion" video Warning - this video contains graphic content that may be hard to watch for some viewers

Week 2: The Five Wrong Ways to Talk about Abortion (Video)

             Presentation Notes

Week 3: Answering the Most Common Pro-abortion Objections (Video)

             Presentation Notes Pt.1 (repurposed from Master Class)

             Presentation Notes Pt.2 (repurposed from Master Class)

             Summary of Pro-life Position



Sex, Culture, and the Christian Worldview

A webinar from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, Aug. 2018

Week 1: Thinking Through Sex Theologically with Jonathan Grant: 


Supplemental Material:

Week 2: Where Sex Went Wrong: The Sexual Revolution And Its Victims with Jennifer Roback Morse: 


Supplemental Material:

Week 3: Loving Truth and Loving People with Glenn Stanton: 


Supplemental Material:

Week 4: What Hath the Hookup Culture Wrought? with Mark Regnerus


Supplemental Material: