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Family Resource Box

Share about the sanctity of life at home with young children using the TFCA Anglicans for Life Family Resource Box.  Adults can borrow age-appropriate books and other materials.  To check out the box on Sunday mornings, contact Jeanne Lee at

Elementary Lesson:  Our Life Before Birth - It's Amazing!

This 45-minute lesson is geared to grades K-5 and teaches both Biblical and scientific truth about life in the womb.  Request the lesson plan from  TFCA's Anglicans for Life chapter can also provide a teacher to come to your group!

AFL Summit: Mobilizing the Church for Life

National Anglicans for Life is hosting all the videos from prior Life Summits on their YouTube Channel found here.  They have organized each Summit by year as a playlist.

You Were Made For More - Youth Curriculum

National Anglicans for Life has produced a wonderful online curriculum for teens, addressing healthy relationships, sexuality, dating, and decision-making.  Click here for a preview.  To obtain this curriculum (no cost for church members), please email Jeanne Lee at

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