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YoungLives Summer Camp July 13-18, 2023 - Need for Childcare Workers!


Ever think about doing a missions trip, but realize you probably don’t have the time, capacity, or financial resources to pull one off half a world away?  Steve and I are doing one this summer, right here in Virginia, and we’d love for you to join us!


Imagine yourself this July (13th-18th, to be exact) at Young Life’s summer camp, Rockbridge, near Lexington, VA.  You’re standing in the middle of camp and its beautiful surroundings.  As you look around camp, you see the campers.  But they’re not “typical” high school teenagers.  Instead, you see 150 or so teenage moms, most of whom do not yet have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  You see these moms in these brief 5 days getting to be kids themselves again – playing, exploring, and enjoying the adventure of camp with their friends, something most of them have never done in their lives.  And it’s in this setting, surrounded by an equal number of people in camp who are loving them and helping provide them with the best week of their lives, that they will hear about Jesus each night at Young Life club.  Many, many of them will respond by beginning a relationship with Him and giving their lives to Him.  Their lives – and their babies’ lives – will be changed forever because of their response to hearing about Jesus.


What’s your role in this?  You are there because you’re one of those 150+ people who are serving to make this week happen for them.  You’re doing this specifically by serving in child care, watching their babies while they have this camp experience and hear the Gospel from start to finish.


Will it be hard?  Yes.  (What missions trip isn’t?)  But do you feel the thrill of doing something hard for Jesus?  Giving Him a gift that cost you something?  You’d be serving a minimum of 6 hours a day in child care:  2.5 to 3 in the morning after breakfast up until lunch, and 3 at night after dinner while the girls are at club.  You would mostly have the afternoons off with the exception of 1 or 2 hours (on 1 or 2 of the 3 full days of the camp week) when childcare is needed for the girls going on camp rides (the ropes course, etc.)

Will it cost you financially?  Yes.  (What missions trip doesn’t?)  You’ll need to cover your room and food costs of $636 – keep in mind this is about a quarter of the cost of a missions trip overseas.  Young Life provides tremendous help in showing us how we can raise this money pretty easily, and I am happy to help walk you through this if needed.


Will it disciple you deeply?  YES.  Steve and I have a friend who once said, “You’re never more alive in your relationship with Jesus Christ than when you’re taking a risk.”  I would add to that:  when you’re serving Him and giving of yourself tangibly – laying down your life – so others might come to a saving faith in Jesus.  You’ll grow deeper in your own love for and trust in the Lord by doing something that you could only pull off by deeply, radically depending on Him for the strength and grace to do it.  You’ll experience Him literally working through you, because you won’t have the strength to do it on your own.


Steve and I will be there, and we’d love for you to join us!  We will be there in the role of the Child Care Chaplains and will be leading club as such (yes – child care workers get their own Young Life club!) and serving alongside you to make child care happen.  There will be 150+ child care workers (13 nurseries of children 0-4 years old!), so you will be part of a great, mighty community.  Use this LINK to learn more, get your questions answered, and apply.  Watch this quick video to hear about this from the teen moms’ perspective.  Please let me know also if you have questions, and let me know if you apply, so I can track you through the system.



With great anticipation,

Libby (& Steve) Cannizzaro, 703-402-6906







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