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Prayer of Trust: God's Word assures us

Everyone wishes we could go back in time to change destructive decisions that we have made. Thankfully those who trust Christ for forgiveness can look back over their past mistakes, not in self-condemnation and despair, but in the light of the grace won for us by His death and resurrection. His truth, love and grace can exchange even our most bitter loss for the beauty of God’s transforming legacy of forgiveness and healing.

Abortion is a devastating decision, and it impacts every day that follows. Those suffering from post-abortion trauma grieve a deep loss. However, because of Christ, even abortion need not have the final word; in God’s hands, their lives can still yield a legacy of redemption, joy and love.

God’s Word assures us that when we confess our sin, turn to Him for mercy and set our minds toward obedience to His commands, He will forgive and comfort all who mourn, exchanging our tears for joy and our ashes for beauty. (Isaiah 61:1-3, 1 John 1:9) This is possible not because God simply ignores our guilt, but because Jesus paid the full penalty for it on our behalf.


Eternal and Infinite Father,

Thank you for refusing to abandon us to our sin. Help all people, especially those suffering from post-abortion trauma, to lay the past at Your feet, to embrace the opportunity to live a new life in Christ, and to trust Your Holy Spirit to transform ashes into beauty and loss into a legacy of praise for the good things You have done in our lives.


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