Prayer of Preparation for HH Bible Study Leaders

My Father,

Today I pray for the people You are calling to participate in the Hope and Healing Bible Study at TFCA this spring and for myself as You prepare me to represent Your love, truth and grace to them through this Bible study. Lord, I am humbled by the opportunity to hold a front row seat to the beautiful work that You intend to do in all of our lives, and I praise You in advance for what You will do.

Please help us all to fulfill our roles: to attend, to obey, to do the work and then to release ourselves into Your mighty and beautiful hands.

As I prepare to lead the discussions, please “create in me a clean heart” and mind, my Father (Psalm 51:10).

Give our new friends the courage and grace to approach You and experience You as their Perfect Heavenly Father, as gentle as You are powerful.

In Jesus’ name, amen. (Written on 2021-10-15)

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