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Need help caring for someone nearing the end of life?

God’s earthly care and provision for us began when we were still in our mothers’ wombs and it extends until we draw our last breath. We are not alone as we make our journey to the end of life. The decisions we make are an important expression of our faith in God, and we need to know that we are embraced by his Body in the community of the church. We know there are changes and concerns that emerge in the later years of life that include relationships as well as mobility, financial, medical and spiritual needs. The church offers help to meet these needs. Anglicans for Life works to connect and equip existing ministries of care to faithfully meet end of life needs.


The TFCA Care Team can provide useful information and assistance in the following areas:

  • Medical Durable Power of Attorney

  • Planning Your Christian Funeral      

  • Local Senior Services

  • Pastoral Care

  • Storehouse of Services

Contact them at 571-282-0201 or email

TFCA's Intercessory Prayer Ministry is available to church members and friends for immediate and ongoing confidential prayer covering.  Call 571-282- 0220 or email your prayer request. No one will be returning your call, but your request will be prayed for daily for two weeks.  You may resubmit your request every two weeks if you wish.​  Email your prayer request to

Have an elderly parent or terminally ill friend who thinks assisted suicide is the answer to their suffering?  Find out more about this issue.

Find Biblical principles applied to End of Life questions in this resource provided by The Falls Church Chapter of Anglicans for Life.

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